Nil Desperandum

The boat

The Nil Desperandum is a stately 3-mast-sailingvessel, were an experienced Sailer as somebody who is looking for an relaxing Holliday can have the perfect experience.


Naturally we keep in mind with the safety rules witch the government gives us. We as crew prepared the boat in such a way that you won’t have to worry and you can enjoy your sailing Holliday.


From one day on the water to visit multiple islands: we thought about multiple possibilities for you. But overall, tell us your idees.

Ruf Skipper Jerke an: +316 248 723 96

Call with captain Jerke: +316 248 723 96

The ship

The Nil Desperandum (don’t desperate, Lat.) is a stately 3-mast-schooner with more then 120 years of history. This clipper has been build in 1894 as an cargo-ship with only sails to transport multiple goods. She transported for example potatoes, peat and sugar. For a few years the Nil Desperandum has been converted to transport passengers from the early spring too late autumn for a relaxing and sporty Holliday.


This ship s known for her comfort. You have enough headroom everywhere and the living area is very spacious. Inside you have a lot of daylight wich makes sure you can hold it out downstairs. The big kitchen has al the modern equipment you expect so our guest don’t have to worry about not enough space or possibilities.

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A completely provided Holliday on the water? Come sailing with the Nil Desperandum! For smaller and for bigger groups, but also for individual sailors we offer different programs. From one day of sailing to a complete excursion on the Waddensea, everything is possible!

Captain Jerke

“The past two years I have bin a deckhand on board the Nil Desperandum. I fell in love with this ship so much that I decided to try and buy the boat! But when you’re only 21 years old, it’s not an easy job, but I made it!

I’m very delighted and pleased to have you on board on this wonderful Clipper. Together with my crew we will do everything to give you an unforgettable experience.”


Do you want to come sailing with us on board the Nil Desperandum?

Take a look in our calendar to see wich period is possible for you!

In case the ship is already been booked for the period you want to sail, don’t worry.
We will help you to find a ship that satisfies your wishes and where the quality of the ship and the crew are the most important thing for us!


Special times ask for special boats. Together with Captain Corona, the Nil Desperandum is converted to a mobile home where families can hold out for a while. The Captain and Deckhand sail you towards your destination. Of course on only wind power when possible! Naturally we keep the “1,5 Meter distance”. All ships that sail in the Corona-era are converted towards a special protocol of the branch organisation. So with us, you sail without any worries!